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Jackie came to Dr. Bruce Wilderman because she had issues with chipped and misaligned teeth. Since she's had her porcelain veneers, Jackie loves her new smile and she says she has received many compliments from those who are "wowed" by her new look!

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JACKIE: Before I came to Dr. Wilderman, I was having issues with biting my lips a lot, having an overbite, and having food stuck in my teeth and my teeth cracking and those kinds of issues. So I thought perhaps that he could, you know, just put a cap on, you know, or just put some material on my teeth or whatever to fill the holes, if you will. But that wasn't the right approach. When I look at that before picture, I just can't believe that I let it go that long. I just learned to live with my smile that way, and it's just so evident and so ugly. So I had 25 veneers put in. Actually, I have 26 teeth, but one didn't need it. And so, Dr. Wilderman doesn't do anything more than he really has to do, which I really appreciated it. And this is the result and I'm really happy with the result. I got a lot of compliments from people. I was able to speak better because I think I felt more confident and I'm not afraid to smile. What I like about Dr. Wilderman the most is that he doesn't rush through the appointment and he really takes time to look at what you want and really listens to you. And he was so very careful with positioning the teeth and trying to get the color right so that it didn't look fake, especially with somebody my age where you didn't want to have teeth that were too overly bright and white. He really tried to get the right color for me and was very patient, and was also available on weekends or whatever. If I had an issue, he was always right there for you. And I really appreciated that. But the staff are wonderful. The staff are fun and they seem to get along together, a very collaborative approach and very supportive. They seem to remember things about you, about your life, ask about it, and ask about your children and so forth. They're very pleasant. I would recommend Dr. Wilderman because he is very honest, he's very patient. He's not going to sell you or try to get you to do something that isn't right for you or something that you're not comfortable with. And I think that if you're going to have a total makeover, you really need somebody that you can trust and partner with and he really met my needs that way.

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