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Nicole describes Dr. Bruce Wilderman as a likable person who truly cares about his patients. Nicole came to Dr. Wilderman because she had an issue with chipping her teeth. Dr. Wilderman suggested veneers and Nicole is glad he did. Nicole loves her new, beautiful teeth!

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NICOLE: Dentistry scares me terribly. I think it's more the anxiety of the pain that scares me than actual pain, because it usually doesn't hurt. But with Dr. Wilderman, he will listen to you and listen to your fears and talk you through it in a way that kind of just relaxes you and kind of takes all the anxiety away from the whole situation. When you come in, you feel like you're like at home. You know, all the staff is amazing, everybody's like, "Hey, Nicole. How are you doing?" You know? And you get to know everybody so well. And it's not because I've been coming in for so long. It's just that that's how it was right from the get-go, you know? And he's just awesome and just a likeable guy, caring, understanding. He listens to you, and he gives you his home phone number. So if you have a problem you call him at home. My fiance called him at 5:00 in the morning on a Sunday. He got his wife up out of bed. And he comes right into the office, you know, and it's great. I just don't worry about breaking them anymore. I don't worry about what I eat or when I sleep I'm not feeling my teeth every morning to make sure they're not chipped. It just feels like normal teeth. I don't have to worry about breaking them anymore. They're stronger than normal teeth are. Honestly, that's the best part. They don't look any different. I was worried that they were going to be big and huge and they would look fake and, you know, too white or, I mean, they're kind of white anyway. But you know what I mean? They just look normal, so nobody even notices that there's a difference and that's better for me than people saying, oh, wow, what a huge improvement. You know? I didn't want that. I wanted them to look exactly the same as they did before you know? And that's exactly what he did.

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