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For any problems you may have with your smile, Dr. Bruce Wilderman provides a complete smile makeover to design you a new, beautiful smile that is just for you. A smile makeover is a combination of a few or several cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures that is designed to completely change your smile.

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DR. WILDERMAN: We have a lot of patients that come to us for a complete smile makeover. Some of them may have spaces between their teeth. Some of them may have worn or chipped teeth. Some may just have yellow teeth. Whatever the reason, we can design a smile just for them. A mini smile makeover can be accomplished in as little as two or three visits. We might do some teeth whitening and as little as two or four porcelain veneers and completely transform someone's smile. A complete smile makeover could take two to three, even four months to accomplish. But in the end, you get a lifetime of beautiful smiles. When someone comes to us for a smile design we're going to take a series of at least 10 high quality digital photographs, sit down in front of a 40-inch monitor, and discuss what your concerns are. Once I understand what it is you'd like to change about your smile, then I can give you options as to how we can do that best. We're going to start with a series of records. We're going to take impressions of your teeth. We're going to send them off to the laboratory to have the laboratory modify them in the way that you told me you want your smile to look. But then, the beautiful part is on the next visit. When you come in, we're actually going to take the molds that the laboratory made, I'm going to stick some temporary crown material in there, tooth-colored material, we're going to slip it into your mouth and let the acrylic harden. And in about five minutes you're going to get a preview of what your brand new smile is going to look like. If there is anything we need to change, we can change it then. We might go back to the laboratory and tell the laboratory to make the teeth a little longer or a little shorter. But in the end, it's going to be exactly the way you wanted it to look. We work with the lab very closely. I like to call my lab technician a ceramic artist. He does things with porcelain that are absolutely lifelike. The final result is guaranteed that you're going to like it because of the process that we used, because you've approved the steps each and every point along the way from the smile try-in to the temporary crowns to the temporary veneers, the entire process you have approved from start to finish. And we've worked backwards from the end point to get there.

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