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Patricia decided to come to Dr. Bruce Wilderman after seeing an amazing result of her husband's smile makeover. To solve the functionality problem of Patricia’s teeth, Dr. Wilderman suggested a full-mouth restoration which used a combination of crowns and veneers to restore her teeth's functionality as well as rejuvenate her smile.

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PATRICIA: My name is Patricia and I've been coming to Dr. Wilderman for about five years. My husband had some work done and a very challenging case of bridgework and bad dentistry. And he was very, very impressed with Dr. Wilderman, and I was impressed with the result. So I decided to come and see him and because I wasn't happy with the way my teeth were functioning. I noticed that my teeth were eroded from years of grinding my teeth, and also acid damage. And I just thought I'd come in and see what he had to say. He said that I needed to basically have a whole mouth restoration to get the proper function back in my teeth. I had always been happy with the appearance of my teeth and always been told I had a good smile. I never even wore braces. But, I did have a lot of trouble with my teeth in terms of lots of cavities and caps, root canals, that sort of thing. So in order to put the functionality back into my mouth, Dr. Wilderman suggested a complete mouth restoration. He was talking about a combination of crowns and veneers, of the crowns mostly on the molars, and then veneers in the front. I had about a dozen crowns put on the molars and about a dozen veneers for the front teeth. What I like most about Dr. Wilderman is that he comes up with a plan for your whole mouth, not just a piecemeal approach. And to me, that seemed like it made the most sense. And he took the whole mouth into consideration, the function as well as the aesthetics. I liked that we were able to break it up based on financing and insurance and the time that I wanted to get it done. It was wonderful. The actual process to have the different sections of the mouth done was very simple. I would come in for the whole day. They offered to break it up into more time, but I just like to get it over with. So I did it all in one day. I walked out with temporaries that would pretty much look like what I had, so there was no awkward time when you didn't have the teeth that looked right. And then, they were sent out to the lab, they came back in, we had another appointment where they were fitted, and that's it. Very simple. Before I came to Dr. Wilderman, I thought I had nice teeth. But I can't believe the difference now. I am very, very happy and I just can't stop smiling. It's wonderful.

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