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Smile Makeover

If you have chips, gaps, discoloration, or a combination of cosmetic imperfections affecting your smile, a single treatment may not be the best way to achieve your desired results. 

Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman offers customized smile makeover treatments for patients in Philadelphia, PA, who want to address multiple cosmetic concerns with a series of procedures. 

Why do our patients love our custom smile makeovers? 

A Smile Makeover Can Help You Attain a Smile that Meets or Exceeds Your Expectations 

Improved Self-Confidence 

Your smile is a focal point of your facial features. By correcting even minor cosmetic imperfections, you can improve your self-esteem, feel confident during interactions with others, and show off your new smile on a daily basis. 

Personalized Smile Design

During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Wilderman sits down with you and helps you pinpoint parts of your smile that make you unhappy. We help you design a smile makeover that meets your unique goals and even exceeds your expectations. 

Addresses Multiple Issues 

A smile makeover allows you to address multiple cosmetic imperfections all at once. If you prefer to stage treatments out to fit your schedule and budget, we will help you construct a plan that meets your needs. 

What kind of cosmetic issues can be concealed with a smile makeover? 

Why Invest in a Better-Looking Smile? 

A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 96 percent of those surveyed admit that a nice smile makes another person more attractive

Additionally, the study showed that: 

  • 99.7 percent of people believe that a smile is a vital social asset 
  • 74 percent of people think that having a bad smile can hurt their career 

The value of a smile cannot be overstated. And the value of a smile you can feel confident about is virtually indescribable. Fortunately, your ideal smile is within reach thanks to Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman, who offers the complete smile makeover package in Philadelphia.

At Artistic Expressions Dentistry, you can select one treatment option, or combine multiple cosmetic treatments, to get the smile you deserve! Let one of Philadelphia Magazine’s top-rated cosmetic dentists and his qualified staff members create a smile makeover plan that is unique to you.

the effects of teeth whitening

As a veteran of piecemeal dentistry with fillings, root canals, and crowns I went to see Dr. Wilderman who took my entire mouth into consideration when coming up with a treatment plan. No dentist had ever done this before or diagnosed the issues involved that needed to be corrected. As a result of a lifetime of acid damage which exposed dentin and gave me sensitivity issues and teeth grinding my teeth had become very worn and it became clear that they would not last without proper intervention to correct these issues. I had a total mouth restoration done over a period of 3 years that not only corrected my bite but gave my teeth structural integrity and optimum functionality not just good looks. Every tooth had to have either a crown or veneer applied. It sounds like a monumental task but it couldn’t have been easier and more pain free. Dr. Wilderman is a master anesthetist and his assistants are very comforting making the experience much better than I thought it could possibly be. I now have a perfect Hollywood smile. My teeth look completely real even close up. Dr. Wilderman is a perfectionist and has the artistic vision to make your smile the best it can be using the latest state of the art technology as well as his expertise
- Patti

Smile Design

Smile design is a complex process of choosing the right treatments and the right treatment dimensions to help your smile look the best it can. Dr. Wilderman explains how your tooth-to-gum ratio and the proportions of each tooth must be carefully analyzed. This process has helped him to exceed patient expectations in many cases.

Complete Smile Makeover 101

Dr. Wilderman regards the consultation process as a critical step in treatment. This is the time for you to share all of your personal concerns and dentistry goals. Once the doctor has gained a good understanding of your individual needs, he will work with you to design a unique treatment plan. Before any treatment is performed, he will also review the projected cost with you and address any questions or concerns you may have. 

For your convenience, we have put together a list of issues that you may wish to address during your complete smile makeover consultation:

  • Misaligned teeth: Dr. Wilderman will expertly align your teeth or fix your bite with dental treatment options, such as Invisalign®, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers.
  • Stained teeth: Consuming certain beverages and the natural aging process can result in stained teeth. Our dentist can brighten your smile by up twelve shades through the use of either Zoom!® or Brite Smile® tooth whitening. Discolored teeth can also be treated with dental bonding.
  • Aesthetically flawed teeth: Crooked or chipped teeth can be remedied with porcelain veneers, the most common smile makeover method. Dr. Wilderman can also replace old metal fillings or treat new cavities with tooth-colored fillings.
  • Missing or damaged teeth: If you are missing one or more of your original teeth, dental implants should be a part of your complete smile makeover in Philadelphia. Dental implant restorations can liberate patients from removable dentures or bridges. Through the placement of dental crowns, Dr. Wilderman may also repair badly damaged teeth.

Visit our Smile Gallery to learn more and view the smile makeover testimonials of our satisfied patients.

Understanding Treatment Cost

A dentist breaks down the cost of a smile makeover during a consultation with a patient. Your smile makeover cost at our practice will depend on several factors, including extent of treatment, any necessary sedation, and the dentist’s qualifications. Dr. Wilderman will thoroughly explain all the elements affecting cost during a private smile makeover consultation.  

Factors to Consider

The average cost of a smile makeover treatment varies from patient to patient. A variety of factors can affect the final treatment cost, including:

  • Dentist’s expertise and experience: A dentist’s qualifications and how long he or she has been practicing can impact the overall cost of treatment. When choosing a cosmetic dentist, it is important to ask questions regarding your dentist's reputation in the community and the satisfaction of the patients he or she has treated. Dr. Wilderman has over 30 years of experience and has delivered excellent results for his patients.
  • Combination of treatments: A smile makeover can address teeth that are cracked, chipped, gapped, worn, discolored, or misaligned with a combination of cosmetic treatments. Each smile makeover is customized to meet your unique needs and can include multiple procedures, such as dental bonding, porcelain veneersdental crowns, or teeth whitening.
  • Sedation: Not all procedures require sedation, but if sedation is necessary, this will increase the cost of your treatment.
  • Follow-up care: Most treatments can be combined in one to two office visits. However, treatments such as Invisalign® and dental implants will require additional office visits and could increase your overall cost.

Investing in Your Appearance

A smile makeover should be viewed as an investment into your long-term health and happiness. Patients who undergo a complete smile makeover generally enjoy an improved quality of life as well as an increase in self-confidence. 

We never want cost to be an inhibitor to your treatment, which is why we provide affordable financing through CareCredit®.

At Artistic Expressions Dentistry, we never want cost to be an inhibitor to your treatment, which is why we provide affordable financing through CareCredit®. This flexible payment option provides zero percent interest for up to 18 months with low monthly payments to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

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