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At his suburban Philadelphia practice, Dr. Bruce Wilderman has used his skill, artistic vision and dedication to transform many patients' smiles for decades. Dr. Wilderman and his staff take a great pride in making sure that their patients are comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Wilderman provides a wide range of cosmetic procedures from a simple procedure like teeth whitening to more complicated procedures like complete smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants and more.

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FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Bruce Wilderman has been changing people's smiles for the better for decades. Though he has been recognized in Philadelphia magazine as the top cosmetic dentist as voted by other dentists in the Philadelphia area, the reaction he often sees on a weekly basis when he transforms a smile from this to this never gets old. DR. BRUCE WILDERMAN: I've had tears of joy when somebody looks in the mirror and sees their smile for the first time. I get hugs all the time. We had somebody in here a couple of weeks ago and we did a smile makeover for her, and she turned to me and she said, "Are you a hug person?" And my staff looked at me like, "He's a hug person." FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Wilderman and his staff have seen that type of reaction since he opened Artistic Expressions Dentistry in 1986. Patients and staff alike know the dental experience here is special. DANIELLE: The patients just rave when they're finished about how natural and beautiful the outcome of their teeth are. I've worked for many different dentists, and Dr. Wilderman by far is the best. Nobody's work is as seamless and as beautiful as his. FEMALE VOICE: Many patients will also tell you that nobody's dental work is as painless as Dr. Wilderman's. DR. WILDERMAN: We have something called "the Wand" that administers the anesthesia and a lot of times the first response from somebody the first time they have had the Wand is, "Did you just give me an injection?" And I'd say, "Yeah, I did." FEMALE VOICE: Making sure patients are comfortable and well taken care of is a way of life here. It's something that is a big draw for patients who visit here from near and far, and is something the staff takes great pride in on a daily basis. DR. WILDERMAN: We have people that travel three and four hours to come see us here, but we treat them all like our friends. NICOLE: Honestly, when you come in you feel like you're like at home. You know, all the staff is amazing. ALAN: I've never met a more professional staff or professional team and almost like a little close family. They all interact very well with each other and with the patients. I feel like part of the family, not really a patient here. FEMALE VOICE: Patients come here for affordable, simple, and quick procedures like teeth whitening and for more complicated cosmetic dentistry like complete smile makeovers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and more. But there is one procedure that is extremely popular with the patients and the staff. DR. WILDERMAN: Probably the most excited patient we get is when we do porcelain veneers on them. It just completely transforms their personality sometimes. FEMALE VOICE: That type of transformation is priceless. Dr. Wilderman can virtually guarantee those types of results because he does something very different than just about every other cosmetic dentist in the industry. He actually shows his patients what the results will look like before the treatment begins, and then works his way backwards to achieve a great smile. DR. WILDERMAN: It's great for them to see the smile before they start. It gives them the confidence to know that we are on the right track, and that's what they wanted. PATRICIA: It excites you. It really makes you see the end results. And I think it's invaluable. FEMALE VOICE: An invaluable experience, all part of the daily routine for Dr. Wilderman, who is doing what he loves to do in a setting that is second to none. DR. WILDERMAN: I love doing cosmetic dentistry. We just have a great time here in the office with the patients and the staff. For me, this is my true calling.

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