When Should Children Undergo Dental Care? By Bruce Wilderman on April 01, 2013

Philadelphia Pediatric DentistryMany of our patients question when children should seek dental care. It is actually a good habit for children to begin seeing the dentist at a young age. When a toddler’s teeth come in, a dental appointment at Dr. Bruce Wilderman’s Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry practice can be beneficial. Our patients in Philadelphia who bring their children in for pediatric dentistry benefit from maintenance of oral health, education of proper oral hygiene habits, and early detection of dental problems. Patients who are introduced to a dentist at a young age are also less likely to have anxiety regarding the dentist because they are able to create a positive relationship with the dentist from the start.

So it is important to begin dental care at an early age, but when exactly should children undergo dental care? All children should be scheduled for biannual cleanings and exams. At these routine appointments, Dr. Wilderman can thoroughly clean the teeth and examine the teeth and gums to look for any signs of decay or alignment issues. Besides these crucial routine appointments, there are situations that are cause for additional dental care for children. Children should undergo dental care in any of the following situations:

  • When decay is present: If Dr. Wilderman detects tooth decay at a scheduled exam, it is likely that additional dental treatment will be necessary. While minimal decay may be treated with a fluoride treatment, most cases of decay will require more extensive treatment. The most common form of treatment for our pediatric patients is dental fillings. In most cases, dental fillings can effectively replace lost tooth enamel and seal off the tooth from bacteria. We offer our patients tooth-colored fillings so that the teeth can be treated without blemishing the smile with metal fillings.
  • When a tooth is injured: It is not uncommon for children to be injured during play or sports. A fall or blow to the face is likely to cause damage to a tooth. If a child is injured, it is important for Dr. Wilderman to examine the tooth for signs of cracks, fractures, or damage to the tooth roots. For our patients in Philadelphia, dental crowns may be necessary to repair extensive damage to an injured tooth.
  • When the teeth are misaligned: As children reach adolescence, alignment issues are one of the most common dental problems experienced. The early detection and treatment of problems with alignment and spacing help ensure the success of treatment. Dr. Wilderman can treat alignment issues with traditional braces or Invisalign® invisible braces.

By maintaining a routine dental care schedule, children can receive any required dental care before the problems become more serious. Dr. Wilderman will always advise his patients when there is a need for any additional treatments.

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