How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last? By Bruce Wilderman on July 16, 2021

side-by-side comparison of woman’s smile before and after teeth whitening treatmentIn some cases, the results of professional whitening last between 12 and 24 months. However, patients in Bucks County who receive touch-up treatments every six months, practice good oral hygiene, and avoid stain-producing habits can help their bright smiles last much longer, possibly a lifetime!

Dr. Bruce Wilderman offers several teeth whitening options to patients living in and around Philadelphia and Doylestown, PA. Professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile up to 16 shades, depending on the method you choose. Below, the team at Artistic Expressions Dentistry will compare some of the most trusted names in teeth whitening: Zoom!® Teeth Whitening, BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening, and KöR® Whitening.

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Zoom! offers patients consistent and predictable results. There are two methods of treatment: in the office or at home. The in-office whitening treatment provides patients with a visibly whiter smile in about 45 minutes. The at-home method takes about a week to show results. These results are comparable to in-office outcomes but could be a little less dramatic.

The effects of Zoom! vary significantly, but most patients enjoy the benefits of this whitening treatment for at least 12 months. The length of your results depends significantly on how well you care for your smile following treatment.

BriteSmile Tooth Whitening

The BriteSmile whitening system also offers in-office or at-home treatments. This system works a little slower than Zoom! but is more affordable and still provides dramatic results.

Also like Zoom!, Brite Smile outcomes depend on the patient’s compliance with post-whitening guidelines.

KöR Whitening

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is the only one that promises lasting results. The take-home and in-office treatments don’t require lights or lasers but do use a refrigerated whitening gel that penetrates tooth microstructure. This whitening system does require that patients continue periodic at-home maintenance in order to maintain the results. It’s possible to maintain your bright white smile even while consuming tooth-staining foods and beverages.

How To Make Teeth Whitening Results Last

Without proper care, stains will reappear on your teeth. There are three major ways to protect and sustain the results of your whitening treatment:

1. Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Establish an effective oral hygiene routine that protects the appearance and health of your mouth. This includes brushing in the morning and evening and flossing daily.

Other helpful hygiene habits include:

  • Waiting 30 minutes after eating to brush
  • Rinsing with water after eating or drinking a dark-colored beverage
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash daily
  • Visiting the dentist every six months

2. Avoid Stain-Producing Habits

Discoloration will happen quicker if you frequently engage in one or more of the following habits:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking coffee, tea, soda, and red wine
  • Eating tomato-based sauces, berries, soy sauce, and other dark-colored foods
  • Eating and drinking highly acidic substances

3. Visit Your Dentist for Touch-Up Treatments

During your six-month dental cleaning and exam appointment, your dentist may recommend touch-up whitening treatments as well. KöR whitening treatments can be done in the comfort of your home, but others may require a trip to the dentist. How frequently you need a touch-up depends on your original whitening treatment method and results and your hygiene habits.

Contact Us to Learn More About Teeth Whitening

Our team at Artistic Expressions Dentistry offers various whitening treatments for patients with varying smile goals and budgets. To learn if you are a candidate for professional whitening, contact our office today at (215) 340-1199 or message us online to schedule an appointment.

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