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Teeth Whitening For Rapid Results

Brighten Up Your Smile, Instantly!

Beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, and wine are notorious for staining teeth. Other staining agents such as tobacco and certain medications, along with the natural aging process, can rob teeth of their original luster. Proudly, Artistic Expressions Dentistry serves the people of Pennsylvania by offering the most advanced and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, including Zoom!® and Brite Smile® tooth whitening!

As many of our Philadelphia and Doylestown patients can attest, Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman has the ability to make teeth eight to twelve shades lighter in just one hour. What’s more, we can give you a sneak peak of your transformed smile! Simply email a digital photo of yourself to our Philadelphia-area practice, and we will show you a virtual example of your potential pearly white results!

"I had a bad fall that resulted in mouth trauma with severely broken and displaced front teeth. My original dentist couldn’t hide his distress and was not encouraging about a quick and positive treatment result. Dr. Wilderman and his staff were fantastic! They took me the same day I called and immediately scheduled the necessary root canals w/ an endodontist and fit me w/ temporary caps while I healed. I was able to smile again less than a week after my accident. They made me feel confident that there would be a positive permanent outcome…and there was! I now have 2 front teeth crowns and 2 veneers and they look fabulous. I also had whitening and laser gum work done to correct a slightly uneven gum line that was due to my fall. I am particularly appreciative of how comfortable Dr. Wilderman and his staff made me feel at all times. I was really surprised that none of the procedures caused pain; even the method of novocaine injection Dr Wilderman uses is painless. Dr. Wilderman took all my concerns regarding color, translucence and shaping into consideration and my resulting smile is pretty and natural. Caps and veneers are expensive but I am thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend Dr. Wilderman."

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Zoom!® Tooth Whitening

They don’t call it Zoom!® for nothing! This tooth whitening system is one of the fastest and most effective currently available. For your convenience, Dr. Wilderman offers both in-office and at-home treatments. The in-office system can whiten teeth up to eight shades in a single hour, while the at-home system whitens teeth by approximately three shades in three days. During your Zoom!® tooth whitening experience, our dentist applies a special hydrogen peroxide gel to each tooth. Light is next beamed on the application areas, breaking down the chemicals and causing oxygen to permeate the teeth. Even the deepest, most stubborn stains are dramatically lightened, if not completely eliminated. With proper maintenance, the whitening results can last for years.

Video: Jason - Teeth Whitening

Jason and his wife had their teeth whitened for their wedding. In this clip, Jason explains how teeth whitening made his wedding day even better. Teeth whitening is for anyone who wants to improve their smile---fast!

Brite Smile® Tooth Whitening

This tooth whitening treatment can deliver brilliant results for our Philadelphia and Doylestown patients in one hour! By utilizing a whitening gel that is activated upon exposure to a proprietary light, Brite Smile® makes teeth up to nine shades lighter in just a one-hour office session, or up to six shades lighter after repeated two-hour tray applications in the comfort of your own home, over several weeks. Whether you choose to undergo in-office or at-home whitening, Dr. Wilderman and his support team will guide you through your Brite Smile® treatment to ensure the best results possible.

before and after teeth whiteningHear about one happy patient’s teeth whitening experience! Check out Jason’s tooth whitening results.

KöR Whitening

Pioneered by leading dentist Rod Kurthy, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System represents the latest innovation in professional teeth whitening. Delivering exceptional, long-lasting results, this system allows for little to no tooth sensitivity. Another difference from many other whitening options is its gel, as it has been kept refrigerated from the moment of manufacture; this means structural identity is maintained for a predictable effect. The hydrogen-peroxide-based bleaching gel removes tooth stains by permeating the enamel.

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The friendly staff members at Artistic Expressions Dentistry look forward to scheduling your visit today! To make a tooth whitening appointment, or to send us your picture, contact our Philadelphia practice.

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