Treating a Jutted Tooth By Bruce Wilderman on June 29, 2017

Woman with a jutted toothMost patients want to enjoy straight, even teeth, but there are cosmetic issues that prevent them from achieving that goal. One example is a jutted tooth. A jutted tooth, or one that sticks out further than adjacent teeth, can throw off the balance of the smile and leave the teeth looking crooked and uneven.

At his dental practice, experienced dentist Bruce Wilderman offers cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance the appearance of the smile by addressing aesthetic flaws. There are several cosmetic dentistry treatments for a jutted tooth that can provide our Philadelphia, PA patients with a smile that looks more attractive. Dr. Wilderman is happy to discuss these options with patients so that they can find a solution that is best suited to their unique wants and needs.


The most common cause of a jutted tooth is misalignment of the patient’s teeth. Overcrowding is a common issue for patients with alignment problems. If there is not enough space to accommodate the teeth, a tooth may stick out, leaving the patient with a jutted tooth. Orthodontic treatment corrects the bite and improves the position of the teeth to give patients straight, even teeth.

Dr. Wilderman is happy to offer patients Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® is the most comfortable, convenient, and discreet orthodontic treatment. Rather than relying on bulky and unattractive brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses a series of clear, plastic aligner trays to gradually straighten the teeth and correct the bite. These aligners provide patients with straighter teeth that function better and are easier to care for. As an added bonus, Invisalign® improves the appearance of a jutted tooth to leave patients with a more attractive smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Although a jutted tooth is often the result of alignment issues, not all patients require orthodontic treatment. If the overall health and function of the smile has not been impacted, patients may wish to avoid lengthy orthodontic treatment. Porcelain veneers can address the appearance of a jutted tooth and provide patients with a nearly instant smile makeover.

During porcelain veneers treatment, Dr. Wilderman will remove a small amount of tooth enamel to reshape the tooth to accommodate the placement of a veneer. When the veneer is bonded to the facial surface of the tooth, it conceals cosmetic flaws, including the jutted tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are another option for jutted teeth. A porcelain crown is a ceramic restoration that sits over a tooth to improve its size, shape, and appearance. A porcelain crown is a strong, durable, and attractive restoration.

Before placing a porcelain crown, the tooth will be reshaped to make room for its placement. Porcelain crowns do require pretty significant alteration to the natural tooth. For this reason, porcelain veneers are best suited for patients with aesthetic concerns, while crowns are ideal for those whose tooth has been structurally compromised by wear, tear, or decay.

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If you have a jutted tooth that is detracting from the beauty of your smile, there are many cosmetic dentistry treatment options for you to consider. Dr. Bruce Wildermann can examine your smile and discuss these treatment options in further detail. To learn more, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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