Dental Care and High Blood Pressure By Bruce Wilderman on May 29, 2017

Dental tools sitting on a trayAt Artistic Expressions Dentistry, Dr. Bruce Wilderman and his team of skilled dental professionals truly care about every aspect of their patients’ health, not just their oral health. This is why, before patients are permitted to undergo any dental procedure, we take their blood pressure. All dental work, from the placement of porcelain veneers to comprehensive restorative dentistry treatments, require that patients be in good enough overall health to undergo a major procedure. Patients with high blood pressure are at heightened risk of a variety of serious health events, including heart attack and stroke, if they receive dental treatment while their blood pressure is too high.

In discussing the issue of dental care and high blood pressure during consultations at his Philadelphia, PA cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice, Dr. Wilderman advises patients that, if their blood pressure is too high, they will have to seek medical treatment from their physicians before they can proceed with dental treatment. Once a patient’s blood pressure is brought under control, it may then be safe for that patient to undergo the dental treatment he or she requires.

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Why High Blood Pressure and Dentistry Do Not Mix

There are several reasons that high blood pressure could preclude you from undergoing dental treatment, especially if your blood pressure falls in the dangerously elevated range of 180/110 and higher:

  1. According to a white paper published by the American Diagnostic Corporation, “elevations of blood pressure can increase a patient’s risk of experiencing a stroke or myocardial infarctions in the dental chair.” This is a risk that cannot be taken lightly, especially since a variety of factors can cause the blood pressure of most patients to rise in the dental chair, whether they have high blood pressure to begin with or not, including nerves and local anesthetics.
  2. That mention of “local anesthetics” brings us to point number two. Many people experience a rise in their blood pressure when they are given local anesthetics commonly used by dentists, in particular those that use vasoconstrictors such as epinephrine, which helps to extend numbing of the gums during dental procedures.
  3. Studies have shown that patients who undergo dental treatments often experience a sudden burst of adrenalin, which is their body’s way of telling them that they should either protect themselves from this intruder - the dentist - or run. Adrenalin will cause a sharp, sudden spike in both heart rate and blood pressure.

Once patients with high blood pressure have visited their physicians and received treatment for their condition, Dr. Wilderman can reassess their candidacy for dental treatment.

Learn More about Dental Care and High Blood Pressure

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