Dental Crown Uses By Bruce Wilderman on July 28, 2011

When you have teeth that are damaged or decayed in some way, it’s important that you speak with a dentist as soon as possible. Getting the tooth fixed quickly and soon after the damage occurred can help maintain tooth structure and help you maintain good dental health. When you visit the Philadelphia area cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman, he will help you by determining the best solution to your problem. The entire team here at Artistic Expressions Dentistry is committed to enhancing your overall dental health as well as the appearance of your smile.

If there is one treatment option that accomplished both the aesthetic and dental health enhancements that we strive for, it is dental crowns. Dental crowns are specially made caps that are fitted right over a tooth. Once in place, the dental crown will function just as a natural tooth would, allowing you to eat your favorite foods as usual. In addition, the dental crown is made of a special ceramic composite, meaning that it will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

There are plenty of uses for dental crowns. One of its most common uses is dealing with major chips and cracks on teeth. For lesser chips and crackers, tooth bonding or Philadelphia porcelain veneers are great options, but if the structural integrity of a tooth is compromised, then the best option is dental crowns.

In addition to the above, dental crowns are great options for major cases of tooth decay. When a tooth is severely decayed, fillings, inlays, and onlays will not be enough to address the issue. The dental crown will be placed atop the tooth once the decayed portions are removed, protecting the tooth from further decay and restoring your smile.

Dental crowns are also great for more involved dental treatments. After getting a root canal, for instance, some patients are given a dental crown to cap the affected tooth. When a person is missing a single tooth and gets a dental implant, a dental crown is used to cap the implant post and restore the smile.

Dental crowns might be the treatment you need. If you would like to learn more about the various options we have available for exceptional dental care, contact Philadelphia area cosmetic dentist Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman today.

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