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Smile Makeover

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you would look like with an entirely new smile?

Many patients like you have realized their dream smile thanks to Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman, a leading Philadelphia-area cosmetic dentist.

Let's take a closer look at why so many people undergo smile makeovers at our Doylestown, PA, practice...

A Complete Transformation by a Leader in Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile makeover consists of two or more combined cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to enhance the color, shape, and symmetry of your smile.

Dr. Wilderman will work closely with you to define your goals, recommend the right combination of procedures, and provide treatments to achieve a radiant and natural-looking smile.

When you choose Dr. Wilderman, you can benefit from care steeped in both artistry and science. He uses both digital rendering and three-dimensional wax-ups (preliminary versions of veneers and other restorations) to achieve a precise preview of your results. This allows you to give detailed feedback beforehand. In the end, you can expect a smile that not only looks healthy and dazzling but also provides a powerful complement to your best facial features and an exhilarating boost in self-confidence.

Before and after smile makeover transformation
Dr. Wilderman created a beautiful smile with this makeover for a patient from Bucks County.

Smile Makeover Benefits

An Enhanced Appearance

It can be easy to forget the essential role your smile plays in your overall look. Dr. Wilderman will measure the proportions of your face in order to recommend small changes that could make a tremendous difference in your appearance. In some cases, a single veneer combined with teeth whitening can suddenly give your smile a look of attractive health and symmetry. Our digital software can give you a realistic preview of your results.

Elevated Confidence

Confidence is attractive. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, it may make you seem unfriendly or standoffish. Dr. Wilderman's work can help you feel confident, which can pay dividends in your personal and professional life. Whether you are giving an important presentation at work or going on a blind date, your new smile can help you feel comfortable putting your best self forward.

Better Health

Even if your smile makeover is only cosmetic, it unleashes an impetus to smile more often, which has its own health benefits. Studies show that the mere act of smiling spurs serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which can reduce stress and depression. In fact, this reaction has also been shown to boost your immune system. To put it simply, your smile matters.

Our cosmetic dentist serving Greater Philadelphia is here to help you experience the exciting benefits of a smile makeover.

Let's Start Planning
Your Smile Makeover

Dr. Wilderman and his team in Doylestown pride themselves on delivering incredibly lifelike results by maintaining constant communication between the doctor, the patient, and the ceramic artist. Every party involved has a clear vision of the results before we even begin treatment. And because each plan is designed with your personal needs and goals in mind, your results will be entirely different from other patients and complement your unique appearance. 

Let's start planning your new smile. Call us at (215) 340-1199 to book your private consultation with one of Greater Philadelphia's leading cosmetic dentists.

Our Personalized Approach to Smile Design in Greater Philadelphia

In this video about his smile makeover, Marshall explains that he has been a patient of Dr. Bruce Wilderman for over 15 years. In the beginning, he came in for cleanings and checkups and was impressed with how trustworthy Dr. WIlderman and his staff were. He eventually decided to undergo a smile makeover, and now he enters every room with a smile.

5-Star Reviews From Our Patients In Greater Philadelphia


Rachel D.


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I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the work done on my teeth by Dr. Wilderman and his team. The extensive care and consulting before my two veneers really made all the difference. Having broken my two front teeth as a child, and having inherited the same soft teeth that run in my family, I always had chipped front teeth. But, I had a fear of getting the front two Veneers done. Thankfully I found this office, and knew after looking at results of there work that I had nothing to fear. Finally I have the professional and natural smile I’ve always wanted. Thank you all!:)

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Jeannette Campbell


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I used to have chipped & cracked front teeth. I searched the Philadelphia area for the best cosmetic dentist and came upon Artistic Expressions Dentistry website. After consultation with Dr. Wilderman I made an appoitment for veneers. I now have the most beautiful smile I could every have dreamed of. It's been a few years and still loving my smile, Dr. Wilderman and his Staff. Would never go anywhere else. Highly recommended for cosmetic dentistry.

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It All Starts With a Private Consultation

Life is too short to spend feeling self-conscious about your smile. If you're ready to stop obsessing and start smiling, Dr. Wilderman is ready to help you start a thrilling new chapter of confidence in your life.

For more than 35 years, Dr. Wilderman has helped patients throughout Greater Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA, enhance their appearance and quality of life through carefully customized smile makeovers. Because you stand to experience so many important benefits from an expertly performed smile makeover, Dr. Wilderman will take plenty of time to get to know you, understand your needs, assess your oral health, and recommend the best combination of treatments. His use of sophisticated digital software and precise wax-ups will allow you to collaborate closely with him on the results.

Wherever you are in Greater Philadelphia, take that important first step today. Call our Doylestown office and request your consultation.

(215) 340-1199

Dr. Wilderman
Dr. Wilderman uses state-of-the-art technology to plan and perform smile makeovers at Artistic Expressions Dentistry.

Budgeting for Your Brand New Smile

General and restorative dentistry treatments that are needed to restore function or oral health, such as dental crowns or periodontal therapy, are typically covered at least in part by dental insurance. However, treatments performed for purely cosmetic reasons do not qualify for insurance coverage.

Dr. Wilderman believes in making beautiful smiles accessible to as many people as possible. If procedures in your smile makeover aren't covered by insurance, our practice offers CareCredit® financing. This third-party lender has helped many patients in Greater Philadelphia manage out-of-pocket cosmetic dentistry expenses in a way that doesn't strain their budget.

Depending on your credit rating and other factors, CareCredit can allow you to pay for your smile makeover in low-interest or interest-free monthly installments. Just talk to our staff and they will be glad to help you explore this financing option. We also accept credit cards if you prefer to use an existing line of credit.

Patricia – Smile Makeover Patient

Patricia decided to come to Dr. Bruce Wilderman after seeing an amazing result of her husband's smile makeover. To solve the functionality problem of Patricia’s teeth, Dr. Wilderman suggested a full-mouth restoration which used a combination of crowns and veneers to restore her teeth's functionality as well as rejuvenate her smile.

Let's Make This
Makeover Happen!

Have you been wasting valuable time stressing about imperfections in your smile? Dr. Wilderman can help. He is a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry who is conveniently located nearby in Doylestown. He also offers CareCredit financing, which makes treatment more affordable for patients throughout the Philadelphia area.

Is it time to take the next step?

Artistic Expressions Dentistry, which serves Greater Philadelphia, PA, and Bucks County, turns dreams into a reality every day. Call us at (215) 340-1199 to book your consultation today.

Smile Makeover FAQ

We can't wait to answer all of your questions about cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers in person, but if you have decided to book an appointment with us, we get it — you want to know as much as you can right now. That's why we have compiled some answers to the most common questions we hear from our patients. We invite you to have a look, and if this information spurs further questions, we'll be ready to talk about them when you visit our Doylestown office serving Greater Philadelphia, PA, and Bucks County:

How Long Is My Makeover Going to Take?

That depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to undergo teeth whitening and have a little bonding work done to conceal a chip in a tooth, we can probably take care of it all in a single appointment. However, if you want porcelain veneers or other solutions that are going to require work by our partner dental lab, your treatment will take longer.

I Have Some Serious Oral Health Issues, But I Want Cosmetic Upgrades Too. Can You Help Me?

Yes! Dr. Wilderman is a physician and an artist who is adept at improving both the health and the appearance of your smile. Do you need to replace a tooth with a dental implant-supported restoration before cosmetic work begins? We have you covered! In fact, we also provide full mouth reconstruction, which is the restorative dentistry version of cosmetic dentistry's smile makeover. So whether you're in perfect dental health or suffering with a severely compromised smile, we are ready to meet your every need.

Is Any of This Going to Hurt?

Cosmetic treatments tend not to be as invasive as restorative treatments aimed at restoring oral health and function to your mouth. Plus, we take every possible measure to minimize any discomfort during treatment. Local anesthesia and gentle techniques make the treatments at our practice virtually painless. Even if you need a treatment requiring minor surgery, such as dental implants, you can expect maximum comfort at every treatment stage.

How Long Is My Makeover Going to Take?

That depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to undergo teeth whitening and have a little bonding work done to conceal a chip in a tooth, we can probably take care of it all in a single appointment. However, if you want porcelain veneers or other solutions that are going to require work by our partner dental lab, your treatment will take longer.

More 5-Star Reviews From Our Greater Philadelphia Patients


Tammy Miller


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From the first day I walked in the door to the office and the many times I went back, there has consistently been professionalism, a friendly smile and laughs from the whole staff. I had awful experiences over the years at dental offices starting as a teenager (that never fully resolved my dental issues) but Dr. Wilderman and his staff are always patient, explained everything completely and made me feel at ease, like I had no anxiety at all. I never imagined I would smile as much as I do now- a genuine, full smile because I was so insecure about my teeth before Dr. Wilderman and staff fixed it. I am so happy with the end result and with my whole experience with Artistic Expressions Dentistry. I would highly recommend to anyone!

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Melanie West


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I spent hours researching top cosmetic dentists to have my discolored front teeth improved. I was elated and relieved to find Dr Wilderman. I felt confident the moment I called for my first appointment. Janette, at the front desk, is so friendly and welcoming. You can feel the closeness of the staff and Dr Wilderman. They all were so excited for me to get the smile I was hiding for so long. Dr Wilderman listened to my concerns. He showed me examples of his past work and gave me several options so I could choose the best plan for me. He used a high tech camera that showed microscopic details of my teeth. The end result was that my two veneers matched my other teeth identically. They look awesome, and I can’t stop smiling! My only regret is that I waited so long to make the first appointment.

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Dr. Wilderman on cover of suburban life

Artistic Expressions Dentistry

Dr. Bruce Wilderman has been providing comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services since 1986. By combining a true sense of artistry with state-of-the-art technology, he can provide stunning results. At Artistic Expressions Dentistry, we are proud to be affiliated with:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

For more information about our services, contact our practice online or call (215) 340-1199 today.

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