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Dental Implant Restoration Philadelphia

Dental Implant Restoration PhiladelphiaAnyone who has endured the loss of one or more teeth has suffered a void long enough. Fortunately, Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman, D.D.S., possesses the expertise and skill needed to restore his patients’ confidence in their smiles through dental implant restoration. At our state-of-the-art suburban Philadelphia facilities, patients may be surprised to learn that dental implants can be used to support not only individual dental crowns, but dental bridges and dentures as well.

Best of all, dental implants will be a seamless addition to your mouth. They will not only look natural and match the color of your other teeth, but function just like real teeth. You will be able to chew, speak, brush, and of course smile with renewed self-assurance.

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For patients who missing a single tooth or several teeth, Dr. Wilderman offers dental implants as a solution. With dental implants, patients can be free from uncomfortable dentures and removable bridges.

Types of Dental Implant Restoration

Dr. Wilderman works with dental implant patients such as Nancy for three main reasons, including:

Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is the most popular purpose of dental implant restoration at our practice. Dr. Wilderman can restore either one tooth or multiple teeth. If just a single tooth must be replaced, he will attach a porcelain crown to the titanium implant post.

Bridge Support

When multiple teeth are missing, implant-supported dental bridges may be the best option. The difference between traditional removable bridges and implant-supported bridges is that the latter do not rely on surrounding natural teeth for support.

Denture Support

For patients who are missing most or all of their original teeth, Dr. Wilderman will suggest a partial or full set of dentures, either of which can be attached to dental implants to ensure the most stable, durable, and natural-looking results possible.

How Dental Implant Restoration Occurs

The dental implant procedure is essentially a three-step process. For maximum comfort in any restorative dentistry treatment, patients are sedated as needed.

Step 1: The oral surgeon must first prepare your gums to accept the implant. This means making an incision in the area of the missing tooth to expose either the lower or upper jawbone. Next, he will insert a titanium cylinder into the jawbone, and suture the gums with stitches.

Step 2: You may or may not be fitted with temporary restorations to get you through the ensuing three to six months of healing time. During this phase, called osseointegration, the jawbone will bond to the titanium rod insert. The doctor will outline recommendations for your optimal healing experience.

Step 3: Once the bone and cylinder have fused, it will be time for the implant restoration itself. An incision will then be made into the gums that have grown around the post. Once the artificial insert is exposed, the synthetic tooth will be carefully secured to the cylinder.

To make your recovery swift and successful, our dentist provides dental implant restoration patients in the greater Philadelphia area with specific guidance for managing pain and possible dietary restrictions during this time.

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