Temporary Porcelain Veneers Help Patients
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At Artistic Expressions Dentistry, Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman uses precise planning and preparatory techniques to ensure your porcelain veneers create the uniquely beautiful smile you desire. Dr. Wilderman provides his patients with highly customized temporary veneers, which provide the ability to make adjustments during the planning process. Dr. Wilderman holds the form and function of his patients' temporary veneers to the highest standards, which ensures their permanent veneers look and feel completely natural. To learn more about our temporary porcelain veneers, contact Dr. Wilderman's Philadelphia, PA, office today.

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Why Temporary Veneers Matter

For some dentists, temporary veneers are simple, cookie-cutter placeholders that simply cover a patient's teeth while they wait for their permanent veneers to be created. Dr. Wilderman, however, uses this important step in the veneer creation process to make any adjustments necessary to the veneer mold so that patients are completely satisfied with their final results.

Dr. Wilderman refers to temporary veneers as "templates" for patients' new smiles. Dr. Wilderman uses a combination of his patients' aesthetic goals and his artistic expertise to craft temporary veneers that look and feel like beautiful, natural teeth. While they do serve the purpose of protecting a patient's teeth while they wait for their permanent veneers, temporary veneers also give patients an opportunity to let Dr. Wilderman know about any changes they would like to make, physically or functionally.

Creating Your Temporary Veneers

When you speak with Dr. Wilderman about your porcelain veneers, he will explain the treatment process so you know what to expect in terms of a timeline and final results. He includes four basic steps in the temporary veneer creation process:

  1. Bucks County Man's teeth before porcelain veneersGoal Review - Dr. Wilderman first shows patients a presentation about porcelain veneers and reviews their concerns and goals. He takes careful notes on the size, shape, and color of teeth that will look best for each patient's smile. He begins to formulate a plan according to these aesthetic preferences.
  2. wax up of Bucks County man for Temporary veneersDiagnostic Wax-up - Dr. Wilderman takes impressions, pictures, and notes on the patient's smile, which he sends to his laboratory. The laboratory then creates a diagnostic wax-up and mold. Dr. Wilderman injects tooth-colored acrylic into the mold, which hardens and can be directly placed in a patient's mouth. Together, the patient and Dr. Wilderman examine the wax-up to see if it achieves the correct appearance. If it does, Dr. Wilderman will make slight modifications to the wax-up model, adjusting it so that patients' bites fit naturally and function is not affected. Next, the temporary veneers are created right in our office using the wax-up mold.
  3. Close up shot of bucks county man's teeth with temporary porcelain veneersPreparation and Temporary Placement - During the next appointment, Dr. Wilderman will use the wax-up mold to determine how much natural enamel to remove from the front of the teeth to make space for the upcoming veneers. He will place patients' temporary veneers on the front of their teeth and take note of any adjustments that must be made to the mold before the permanent veneers are created. Over the next few weeks, patients will wear their temporaries and notify Dr. Wilderman of any additional changes that may be required.
  4. Bucks County Man's straight, white teeth from porcelain veneersPlacement of the Final Veneers - Once patients are fully satisfied with their temporary veneers, Dr. Wilderman will instruct the laboratory to create their permanent veneers. He sends notes on any adjustments that have been made since the temporary veneers were placed. Once the final veneers are returned from the laboratory, Dr. Wilderman will remove the temporary veneers and bond the permanent ones in place.

Benefits of the Process

Ultimately, the greatest benefit of using high-quality temporary veneers is that patients are generally more satisfied when their permanent veneers are placed. Throughout his years as a dentist, Dr. Wilderman has learned the importance of patient satisfaction when it comes to cosmetic care. While his approach to porcelain veneers can take slightly longer than other dentists, his patients' resounding satisfaction is well worth the effort.

I had a great appointment with Dr Wilderman! I have been considering veneers for my teeth for some time now. I have been hesitant because I couldn't find a dentist I felt I could trust to create a natural smile. Dr Wilderman stressed that this was one of his primary goals when creating veneer teeth for his patients. I am very confident I will be completely satisfied with my teeth when he is done. - Melissa M.
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