Can Veneers Be Whitened or Do They Need to Be Replaced? By Bruce Wilderman on March 01, 2024

teeth whitening chartPorcelain veneers are thin, natural-looking ceramic shells that adhere to the facial surface of the teeth to conceal cosmetic blemishes. Veneers hide imperfections such as discoloration, dental stains, gapped teeth, and superficial chips, cracks, and fractures to enhance the smile's appearance. Porcelain veneers are durable restorations that are stain-resistant but may become discolored over time.

When individuals notice discoloration on veneers, they often consider teeth whitening. Dr. Bruce Wilderman of Artistic Expressions Dentistry, which serves DoylestownPA, and PhiladelphiaPA, is frequently asked, “Can veneers be whitened, or do they need to be replaced?” Here, we discuss the most appropriate treatment options for discolored veneers.

What Causes Veneer Discoloration?

Porcelain veneers are made of ceramic materials that are not susceptible to stains that affect natural tooth enamel. Still, patients may notice discoloration over time. Most often, discoloration and stains are not present on the veneers themselves but along the edge of the veneers, where the natural tooth starts to show through. 

Veneers may appear discolored or stained on the surface as well. When veneers look discolored, it is usually because the materials have worn down or become scratched, creating small areas where dirt, food particles, or other materials build up and compromise their appearance.

Do Veneers Respond to Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most effective solutions for dental stains and discoloration. Unfortunately, porcelain veneers do not respond to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening products contain bleaching agents that seep into the pores of the teeth to lift and erase stains and discoloration. 

The porcelain and ceramic materials that comprise veneers do not respond to bleaching agents like the natural teeth. Teeth whitening can make porcelain veneers look worse because it whitens the natural tooth structure, making veneers look more discolored in comparison to newly whitened teeth.

Veneers Replacement

Discolored or stained veneers do not respond to teeth whitening but can be replaced when discoloration is a concern. Veneers replacement is a straightforward procedure nearly identical to the initial placement. Dr. Wilderman first removes the discolored veneers and cleans the teeth of bonding material. He takes dental impressions to ensure new veneers will fit comfortably and securely. Impressions are sent to a dental laboratory, and temporary veneers are placed until the permanent restorations arrive. When new veneers are complete, patients return to our Doylestown office, and Dr. Wilderman will bond veneers to the teeth with a tooth-colored compound.

Other Signs it’s Time to Replace Veneers

Discoloration is not the only sign that porcelain veneers require replacement. Other signs that it’s time to replace veneers include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken veneers
  • Loose veneers
  • Gaps between veneers and the gum line
  • Tooth decay on the teeth beneath veneers

Damaged or worn veneers expose the natural teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay and infection. Veneers replacement restores the smile’s appearance and prevents further dental complications.

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Porcelain veneers are attractive and durable restorations. However, they do not last forever. If your veneers are stained, discolored, or damaged, Dr. Bruce Wilderman can assist you with porcelain veneers replacement. To schedule an appointment, contact our dental practice online.

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