Emergency Dentistry for Tooth Pain By Bruce Wilderman on December 31, 2019

Woman with a toothacheSerious dental problems can arise without warning. Sharp pain of the tooth can keep you up at night and unable to accomplish normal tasks. That’s when you should consider a visit to an emergency dentist Dr. Bruce Wilderman. Artistic Expressions Dentistry has helped countless people in Doylestown, PA, Philadelphia, and all of Bucks County by providing emergency dental care treatments.

Many people wonder when their toothache is more than just a simple toothache. Below, we look at the warning signs that you’re suffering from a dental health emergency. By recognizing these signs, you can protect your smile and avoid a serious health issue.

When Is Tooth Pain Considered an Emergency?

Sometimes a toothache is just a toothache, while other times it’s the sign of a serious health issue. Tooth pain should be considered an emergency when the pain itself is excruciating, persistent, and cannot be tolerated.

Many patients can tell the difference between common tooth discomfort and a major dental health emergency simply based on the level of pain. If it’s too much, you should have a dentist examine your tooth.

Telltale Signs of a Dental Emergency

To gauge whether or not you have a dental emergency, consider these common signs that you require urgent dental care:

  • In addition to severe pain, your tooth is loose
  • The pain from the tooth radiates into your gums
  • Your tooth goes numb
  • Your gums are bleeding
  • You notice swelling of the jaw area or along the jawline
  • There is a growth along the gumline
  • You suffer from chronic bad breath
  • You have a metallic or unpleasant taste in your mouth

If you notice any of the above, be sure to have your dental health issue examined as soon as possible. It may be the sign of a root canal infection, dental abscess, severe fracture to the tooth, a loose restoration, or countless other problems.

Should I See a Dentist or Go to a Hospital?

Sometimes patients wonder if they should see an emergency dentist or just go to the hospital. As a general rule, you should go to the hospital if your toothache is accompanied by life-threatening or serious injuries.

For example, any mouth or facial trauma experienced in a car crash or serious fall will usually be accompanied by other injuries to the arms, legs, or torso. That is when an emergency room visit is ideal. If you suffer from a serious toothache but are otherwise okay, that’s when you should visit an emergency dentist.

Why Emergency Dental Care Is So Crucial

Emergency dental care allows patients to have an urgent dental problem treated before it gets worse. The spread of infection to other parts of the mouth can lead to far more serious health issues than a toothache. Emergency dental care means dentists can save a tooth from extraction, control inflammation, or extract a tooth when there are no other viable options for protecting a patient’s general wellness.

Learn More About Emergency Dental Care

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area and require the services of an emergency dentist, be sure to contact the team at Artistic Expressions Dentistry. You can reach us here in Doylestown by calling (215) 712-8704.

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