Dental Bridge for the Back Teeth By Bruce Wilderman on April 29, 2018

Dental bridge for the back teethTooth loss is a serious dental complication that can compromise the health, function, and appearance of the smile. When tooth loss occurs, there are multiple treatment options that restore the structure of the smile and avoid further oral health problems. One of the most common treatments for missing teeth is a dental bridge. 

Dental bridges replace a single missing tooth or set of missing teeth with a natural-looking restoration that permanently affixes within the mouth. Dental bridges provide strength and durability to preserve oral functions while protecting the health and structure of adjacent teeth. 

A dental bridge can effectively address tooth loss that occurs in any area of the mouth, including the back teeth. Here, we discuss the importance of a dental bridge for the back teeth, and how it can benefit our Philadelphia, PA patients.

Is It Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth from the Back of the Mouth?

Because tooth loss at the back of the mouth is not as visible to others, many patients wonder if they even need to treat the problem. Tooth loss from any area of the mouth can have a negative impact on the health and function of the smile, so Dr. Wilderman always urges patients to undergo treatment for tooth loss as soon as possible. 

Tooth loss at the back of the mouth can lead to any of the following complications:

  • Difficultly chewing and breaking down food
  • Excessive wear and tear on adjacent teeth
  • Degeneration of jaw bone structure beneath the site of tooth loss
  • TMJ disorder

In addition to functional problems, tooth loss at the back of the mouth can contribute to other issues that will eventually compromise the appearance of the smile. Without proper support from the back teeth, adjacent teeth are likely to shift, tilt, or collapse. This can create a domino effect that throws off the entire spacing and balance of the smile. Eventually, the visible, front teeth may be affected, which will create more obvious aesthetic flaws.

Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge is an ideal treatment option for teeth that are missing from the back of the mouth. A dental bridge is a solid restoration that can be designed to replicate a single tooth or a set of teeth. 

A dental bridge can be secured in either one of two ways: with dental crowns that are affixed to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap of missing teeth or with dental implants. 

No matter which technique is used, a dental bridge becomes a permanent part of the smile, so it will not shift the way removable dentures do. Because of this, a dental bridge provides superior strength, security, and durability. Dental bridge treatment restores oral functions and preserves the health and beauty of the smile.

Learn More

If you have experienced tooth loss at either the front or back of the mouth, you are likely an ideal candidate for dental bridge treatment. If you would like to learn more about this restorative dentistry treatment and whether it is right for you, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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