Preserve Tooth Strength with At-Home Oral Care By Bruce Wilderman on January 05, 2018

At his dental practice, Artistic Expressions Dentistry, Dr. Bruce Wilderman offers a comprehensive range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services that maintain the strength and beauty of the teeth. In addition, our periodontal care preserves the health of the gums so that the teeth have a strong foundation. These services allow patients to enjoy a smile that is equally healthy and beautiful. However, as beneficial as professional dental care may be, it is important that it is complemented by a good routine of at-home oral hygiene practices. Dr. Wilderman discusses the home oral care practices that will allow his Philadelphia, PA patients to preserve the strength, health, and beauty of their teeth and smile.

Oral care

Proper Tooth Brushing

The foundation of at-home oral care is tooth brushing. Tooth brushing rids the teeth of bacteria and food particles that can lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can eventually result in tooth decay. To maximize the benefits of tooth brushing, patients should brush the teeth three times a day, or after each meal. Since this can be difficult to achieve, we recommend that patients brush at least twice a day. When brushing, it is important that people use proper techniques. Following are some tips for brushing the teeth properly to get the most out of this essential oral practice:

  • Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid putting too much wear and tear on the teeth
  • Keep the head of the toothbrush held at a 45-degree angle when brushing
  • Use small, circular strokes
  • Consider a toothpaste with fluoride to minimize the risk of dental cavities
  • Brush all areas of the tooth surface, including the base of the teeth by the gum line
  • Brush the tongue, which holds onto plaque-causing bacteria
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months


Brushing cleanses the teeth and minimizes the risk of tooth decay and other oral health concerns. However, there are many hard-to-reach places that a toothbrush may not clean properly. To ensure that the teeth and gums are cleaned as well as possible, individuals need to floss. We recommend that patients floss the teeth on a nightly basis. Flossing removes bacteria and food particles from between the teeth and beneath the gum line. Below are some tips on how to floss the teeth properly:

  • Start off with a substantial length of floss – about 18 inches
  • Use a one to two-inch section of thread to clean between the teeth
  • Hold the section of floss so that it hugs the tooth and use a gentle pull and push motion to work the thread between the teeth and along the base of the tooth beneath the gum line
  • Progress to a clean section of floss for each tooth

With proper at-home oral hygiene practices and regular dental exams and cleanings, most people can maintain a strong, healthy, and fully functional smile.

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