Invisalign® Results: How to Make Them Last By Bruce Wilderman on February 06, 2016

A woman's smileDr. Bruce Wilderman has helped countless patients in and around the greater Philadelphia area by turning to Invisalign®. Invisalign® offers patients a clear alternative to traditional braces and orthodontic care. Invisalign® consists of a use of clear plastic aligners as opposed to the brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics using braces. When Invisalign® aligners are place, very few people can tell that you are undergoing orthodontic care, even when they are up close.

Patients wear Invisalign® aligners at all times save for when they are eating, drinking, or cleaning their teeth. New aligners arrive every two weeks to replace the previous Invisalign® aligner. Over the course of several months to a year, a patient can have a straight and beautiful smile.

Invisalign® Treatment Is Done--Now What?

After you have used all of your Invisalign® aligners and completed the treatment, many patients wonder what they can do to keep their teeth as straight as possible for the years ahead. There's more to it than just brushing and flossing regularly.

Can My Teeth Become Misaligned Again?


Without proper after care following any sort of orthodontic treatment, it is possible for a patient's teeth to become crooked and misaligned again. This is why dentists and orthodontists have a number of options for addressing these matters.

Wearing a Retainer Is Key

A retainer is an important part of maintaining the results of orthodontic care. A retainer is custom-fabricated to maintain the end results of orthodontic care and worn during nighttime when the patient is asleep to ensure that the patient's teeth hold position over time.

How Often Should I Wear My Retainer

Ideally, a patient should wear his or her retainer every night during bedtime and do so for the years ahead. By consistently wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is completed, the results of the procedure can be properly maintained.

If a patient underwent orthodontic care in his or her teens, ideally the retainer should be worn into the patient's early to mid-20s, at which point all permanent teeth will be in place and the jaw will have stopped growing.

Proper Care for Your Retainer

When it comes to proper maintenance and care of your retainer, be sure to brush your retainer with toothpaste as you would your teeth. Soaking your retainer in a special cleanser is also a good idea to consider for keeping the retainer as clean as possible.

A Permanent Retainer: Is It a Good Option?

Sometimes an orthodontist may place a permanent retainer in your mouth. This is a bar that is bonded to the back of your lower front teeth to maintain the proper arch and position. While it is helpful for keeping your teeth properly position, over time this permanent retainer may require removal. It's possible for plaque and dental calculus to build up around the permanent retainer, particularly if you do not floss behind it regularly.

Potential removal of this permanent retainer can be discussed in greater detail during your routine dental visits should any issues arise.

Speak with Dr. Bruce Wilderman

For more information about Invisalign® and how it can help you have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. Dr. Bruce Wilderman and the entire team at the practice look forward to your visit and helping you have the healthiest smile possible.

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