Wine and Teeth Whitening - What You Should Know By Bruce Wilderman on December 04, 2015

Smiling woman with a glass of wine There’s nothing like a glass of wine after a long day. And, according to doctors, a glass of red wine may actually good for your heart. Unfortunately, while wine might be good for your cardiovascular health, it is not beneficial for your smile. Red wine is a leading cause of dental discoloration, and even white wine can affect your smile. Nevertheless, your love of wine does not have to adversely affect the appearance of your smile. Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman offers several forms of tooth whitening, including Zoom!, Bright Smile, and state-of-the-art KöR® Deep BleachingTM. To learn more about wine and teeth whitening, contact our Philadelphia, PA practice today.

How Does Wine Cause Dental Stains?

There are two ways in which wine can affect the color of your teeth. Red wine contains heavily pigmented molecules called chromogens. When you drink wine regularly, the chromogens will attach to your dental enamel, lending a yellow or brown tint to your teeth.

Second, wine is highly acidic. The acid will erode your dental enamel and expose the deeper layers of your teeth. These layers are naturally off white, and when exposed, they can make the teeth appear more yellow in color. In addition, because this underlying material is more porous than enamel, chromogens can cling to it more easily. Even white wine can have this effect on your teeth, even though it does not have a dark color.

Traditional Teeth Whitening Options for a Beautiful, Sparkling Smile

When you come in for an evaluation, Dr. Wilderman will explain our three types of teeth whitening. Based on your goals, budget, and lifestyle, he can help you choose the most appropriate one for you. We offer two traditional forms of teeth whitening: Zoom! and Brite Smile®. Both in-office treatments use whitening gel, activated with a specially designed light, which will activate the material. Oxygen molecules will then penetrate through your teeth, and as they travel, they will break apart the bonds between stains. In-office Zoom! can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades, and Brite Smile® can reduce stains by up to nine shades.

Alternatively, you might opt for at-home whitening. Dr. Wilderman will provide whitening trays and a tube of gel. The trays will be custom designed and crafted to ensure that they fit comfortably and do not allow the gel to come in contact with your sensitive gum tissue. At-home treatment works similarly to in-office care, with oxygen molecules eradicating the bonds between stains. In just three days, Zoom! can whiten your teeth by up to three shades. With two weeks of use, Brite Smile® can give you teeth that are up to six shades lighter.

Want to Enjoy Wine without Further Effects? Try KöR® Deep BleachingTM

Dr. Wilderman proudly offers innovative KöR® Deep BleachingTM, a treatment that combines both in-office and at-home treatments. In this way, KöR® can achieve remarkable results, and you could enjoy a smile that is up to 14 shades lighter! KöR® involves negligible sensitivity, thanks to its proprietary gel. This material remains refrigerated to better protect the structure of your teeth. Plus, when you maintain regular touch-ups, the results are permanent. That means that you can continue to enjoy wine without worrying about the effects on your smile.

Find Out the Right Type of Whitening for Your Needs

Indulging in wine can be a well-deserved treat, and now it is time to treat yourself to teeth whitening. Contact our office to learn more about our whitening options and find out which one may be right for you.

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