The Ideal Candidates for Dental Bridges By Bruce Wilderman on June 11, 2015

A man in a black room smilingDr. Bruce Wilderman has helped countless patients in and around the greater Philadelphia area have healthy and beautiful smiles. This is thanks to his comprehensive approach to cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry. This method is especially important to consider when patients are missing teeth. One great option is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are appliances that are worn when a person is missing a tooth or few teeth. The dental bridge restores a person's ability to bite and chew while also improving the overall aesthetics of the patient's smile. With a dental bridge in place, a patient is able to laugh, speak, and eat with absolute confidence again.

General Candidacy for Dental Bridges

Good candidates for dental bridges are missing a tooth or a few teeth yet still have enough healthy teeth adjacent to the tooth gap. The healthy teeth are crucial for helping keep the bridge in place. The patient should have realistic expectations about the bridge and what it can achieve.

Dental Bridges vs. Dentures

Dentures are used when patients are missing many teeth along the dental arch. In these cases, the denture is able to restore many or even all of the teeth along the row of teeth. If a patient is missing so many teeth that a bridge is no longer a viable option, a partial denture or a full denture is a more ideal solution to consider.

Are fixed bridges a good option to consider?

Yes, though they may not be the ideal option for everyone.

There are two options for fixed dental bridges:

  • Crown-Supported Dental Bridges – Dental bridges that are supported by dental crowns are appliances that are bookended by crowns. These crowns cap the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap in order to hold the bridge in place.

  • Implant-Supported Dental Bridges – Dental bridges that are supported by dental implants involve the surgical placement of dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots. These are carefully embedded into the jawbone and gum tissue and serve a function similar to natural tooth roots. The bridge is snapped into place on top of the implant for a very stable and secure hold.

When it comes to assessing candidacy for fixed dental bridges, dentists must carefully consider the health of the patient's remaining teeth as well as the health of the patient's gum tissue and jawbone. During the consultation process, we will go over all of the risks and benefits of fixed bridges so you know what to expect from the treatment process.

Restoring the Health and the Beauty of Your Smile

Our ultimate goal is to help patients bite, chew, and smile with absolute confidence, which is why we offer so many options to make smiles look their very best. This versatility is able to address the diverse needs of all patients as well as the varied goals that they may have when it comes to achieving great dental health.

Learn More About Dental Bridges and Other Treatment Options

To learn more about dental bridges and how they can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile, it's important that you contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. Dr. Wilderman and the entire team at the practice looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve all of your dental health goals.

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