Providing Dental Care for Patients with Disabilities By Bruce Wilderman on February 10, 2015

Digital image of teeth and gumsDental care is just as beneficial to patients as routine physical exams and should be a priority for all patients. However, in many cases, the idea of dental care causes a great deal of stress and anxiety. This is often especially true among patients with disabilities, who may find it difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar setting. Whether a patient is in need of general dentistry services to monitor oral health, or restorative dentistry services to treat an existing oral health problem, Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman offers those in Philadelphia dental care for patients with disabilities. These services are provided in a relaxing setting that includes a number of amenities, which allow patients to feel safe and comfortable throughout their appointments.

Patient Comfort

At Dr. Wilderman’s practice, patient comfort is always a priority. However, we understand that for some patients, creating a safe and comfortable setting is even more important. Whether a person experiences physical or mental disabilities, it can be difficult to feel relaxed and safe in an unfamiliar environment. From our waiting room, which more closely resembles a living room than a doctor’s office, to our treatment rooms, which feature a number of amenities, we work hard to create an environment that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Below are just some of the amenities we offer to keep our patients with disabilities feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving dental care:

  • Blankets, mittens, and neck pillows
  • Scented candles
  • Apple iPod® with headsets
  • Virtual reality glasses

All of these amenities are similar to those used in a patient’s own home, so we find that it helps to ease the stress and anxiety of our patients with disabilities.

Pain-free Treatment

Patients with disabilities may have a more difficult time providing themselves with basic oral health care, including brushing and flossing. Because these practices may not be as thorough when performed by those with disabilities, it is more likely that restorative dental care will be needed. The need for restorative dental care is often a new source of fear and anxiety and can be extremely uncomfortable for those with disabilities. We ensure that all restorative dental care is pain-free for our patients by utilizing advanced dental tools and techniques. Below are two tools we use to ensure pain-free dental treatment:

  • The Wand® system: The Wand® administers anesthetic in a safe and controlled manner. This device (which looks like a pen) slowly delivers anesthetic to the treatment area so that the patient feels no pain during treatment and does not have to worry about a painful injection of local anesthetic.
  • Laser dentistry: We use dental lasers for many of our restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. These lasers are extremely precise and gentle. In most cases of laser treatment, we are able to bypass the use of anesthetic all together because the procedure is so comfortable for our patients.

Contact Us

Professional dental care is a necessity, but it is one that should be comfortable and relaxing for patients. Dr. Bruce J. Wilderman utilizes amenities and dental techniques that allow all patients to undergo necessary dental care free of stress or anxiety. To learn more about our comprehensive range of dental services, contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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