Laser Gum Reshaping Benefits By Bruce Wilderman on October 22, 2012

Philadelphia Laser Gum ReshapingOne of the biggest reasons that people avoid having cosmetic or restorative dental procedures performed is the fear of pain during or after treatment. At our Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry practice, Artistic Expressions Dentistry, we are happy to offer our patients a virtually pain-free experience with laser dentistry. With the use of a dental laser, procedures such as gum contouring result in less discomfort and a shorter recovery time. At Dr. Bruce Wilderman’s Philadelphia practice, patients undergo laser gum reshaping to give their smile a more symmetrical and attractive appearance.

What Is Laser Gum Reshaping?

A lot of our patients complain that they have a gum line that is either uneven or too prominent. An excess of gum tissue can make teeth appear short and small while an uneven gum line can give a crooked appearance to your smile. With laser gum reshaping, Dr. Wilderman can correct these problems. We can actually sculpt the gum line to a more attractive and natural shape. While this sounds like a painful procedure, the advances in laser dentistry actually make it quite simple and comfortable for our patients.

Dr. Wilderman uses the Diode Laser, which is designed for use on the soft tissue of the gum line. As the laser reshapes the gum tissue, it also closes off the nerve endings and blood vessels that it comes in contact with. Because of this, there is little to no bleeding or pain; this reduces the recovery time for the patient. The dental laser also gives Dr. Wilderman precise control so that he can accurately reshape the gum line, produce more symmetry, and bring your teeth and gums into proportion. We often recommend teeth whitening in combination with laser gum reshaping. By reshaping the gums to give your teeth a more elongated appearance and improving the color through teeth whitening, we can drastically improve your smile.

Gum Reshaping Benefits

Gum reshaping offers patients the benefit of achieving their goal smile by eliminating the excess gum tissue that can cover up your teeth. Overall, laser gum reshaping provides our patients with precise, attractive results. There are also benefits specific to the laser gum reshaping procedure. Dr. Wilderman’s patients who undergo laser gum reshaping can avoid:

  • The need for anesthesia
  • Fear of discomfort or pain during the procedure
  • Bleeding and pain after treatment

When the gum reshaping procedure is performed without laser dentistry technology, it could involve up to 12 weeks of recovery.

Porcelain Veneers

If you are looking to change the shape or size of your teeth without altering your gum line, there is an alternative treatment to consider. For our patients in Philadelphia, porcelain veneers can give you the appearance of elongated teeth that are more symmetrical and straight. This can be achieved without removing any gum tissue. If this interests you, Dr. Wilderman can let you know more about this procedure.

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At Artistic Expressions Dentistry, we combine dental technology, personal attention, and quality care to provide you with your ideal smile. To learn more about the many dental procedures that are available, schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilderman.

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