Cosmetic Dentistry's Dirty Little Secret By Bruce Wilderman on February 11, 2012

Dentistry is divided into many specialties.  For instance, a Dentist who specializes in Root Canals is called an Endodontist.  Someone who treats gum disease is called a Periodontist.  Some who says they specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry is a LIAR!

The American Dental Association does not recognize Cosmetic Dentistry as a specialty.  What that means to you is that any Licensed Dentist can say they perform Cosmetic Dentistry.  We have all heard  horror stories about our friends in Medicine who create news headlines by performing botched Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.  Any licensed Physician can perform cosmetic procedures, but without specialized training, let the buyer beware!

The same is true in Dentistry.  So how is one to choose a Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist?  The first thing to do when choosing a Dentist to enhance your smile, is do your research.  By research, I don't mean go directly to Google and search for "the Best  ..."  Google (or for that matter, your insurance company) doesn't care about you or your healthcare needs!  In other words, don't believe everything you read on the internet.  With that in mind, visit a lot of dental websites and look at the before and after gallery.  Are those patients of the office, or are they stock photos? A dentist who performs Cosmetic Dentistry on a daily basis should have lots of great before and after pictures as well as testimonials from those patients.  Talk to your friends who may have had similar procedures done to enhance their own smile.  Talk to the office staff.  If they can't answer your questions, they are probably not well trained. Lastly, interview a few different offices.  That's why we offer a FREE consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry options. We want to assist you in obtaining your beautiful new smile.  Call us today!


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